Living in San Diego I love seeing crowds of people flocking to Ocean Beach to watch the sunset every night. They perch themselves on the cliffs way before the sun goes down, then rush back to their cars the minute it sets.  Photographing sunsets requires a little more of your time, but not much.

Did you know the amazing colors and lighting don’t really peak until at least 15 minutes after the sun has gone down? (which is also after most people have left!).

When looking to capture the bright reds, purples and pinks of our amazing sunsets, sit back after it dips below the ocean, relax and wait for the real show to start!

If you are thinking about a San Diego family photo shoot then consider having photos taken after the sun has disappeared. There are some great opportunities for outlined family shots with natures most beautiful colors as your backdrop. Let me know I can help you out with your next event.